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The Uncommon Gym Equipment Pieces You Can’t Go Without

Whether you’re kitting out your home studio or you’re looking at expanding your commercial gym, there are pieces of equipment that everyone knows you need. These include everything from the humble treadmill to the functional squat rack, benches, barbells and dumbbells. However, there are a few pieces of uncommon gym equipment that can transform the way you and your client’s workout, breaking the cycle of a boring regime and helping you to hit new personal bests. Wondering what they are? You’ve come to the right place.

  • Assisted Chin Dip Machine
    This machine is the perfect choice for anyone just starting out on their fitness journey. Designed to target the upper body, this gym equipment helps people reach a common goal – unassisted chin-ups. With the aid of pin loaded weights, users can counter their own body weight to make pulling themselves upward easier, until they can do it without the help of a machine. In the same way, it’s also a great choice for those wanting to do unassisted triceps dips. Target your chest, triceps, biceps and lats, all without the aid of a spotter.
  • Decline Bench
    This bench is another great all-rounder, and is ideal for adding extra difficulty to your standard workout. Our personal favourite is the decline bench press, a fresh take on the standard style, which allows you to target your pectorals far more efficiently, whilst avoiding the shoulder strain that comes with flat bench presses. Other great workouts that can be done on this gym equipmentinclude decline chin ups and Russian twists, which target your rectus abdominus and obliques respectively – building your way to a killer core.
  • Battle Rope

    What better way to work your whole body than with the humble battle rope. Perfect for a dynamic cardio workout that offers more bang for its buck, these ropes are a great way to pack on lean muscle – with only one tool. You’ll be working your arms, back, chest, legs and core, no matter what exercise you’re completing. Our top tip: moving in many directions increases the level of stability needed, working your core in a whole new way.

  • Leg Extension Machine
    Ideal for targeting your quads and the front of the thigh, this machine offers a different approach to regular squats as the muscle part you’re working isn’t anchored to the ground. This piece of gym equipment is easy to use, you can adjust the difficulty with the pin loaded weights, allowing you to keep track of your PBs without hassle. You’ll also notice the ligaments around your knees increasing in strength, perfect for those who want to be stronger for activities that mimic the movement. such as kicking in MMA.

Working out doesn’t have to be boring and monotonous, especially if you’re hoping to push yourself to hit new personal bests. With these uncommon pieces of gym equipment, you can transform your gym into someplace new and exciting – and reinvigorate you and your clients along the way. Whether you’re adding to your private studio or your commercial fitness centre, Xtreme has everything you need to create a dynamic workout zone with everything you need for success.