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First Degree E820 Commercial Ergometer - FP-E820

As for the E-920 Upper Body Ergometer the E-820 has all the same features and benefits. It is the most professional unit in its class. It operates both in forward and reverse directions for maximum muscle engagenment. An upper body ergometer engages virtually every muscle in the upper body. A as a form of resistance training, it provides better activation of the upper torso than traditional alternatives. As a cardio vascular tool, the results are exceptional. THe E-820 has fixed cranks and makes it perfect for health club circuit training.

warranty details

Home Use:

  • 10 Year Frame
  • 3 Years tank and seals
  • 2 years monitor
  • 1 years wear items
  • Variable length crank arms-ideal for medical/rehab use
  • Seated, standing or wheelchair access
  • Operates in forward and reverse directions
  • Fully angle adjustable, self levelling hand grips Optimum muscle utilisation Maximum user comfort
  • Main Arm adjusts from horizontal to vertical Allows for users of any height allows for standing use internal gas cylinder provides effortless adjustment
  • Crank length can be varied from 12 to 24 cm(5 to 10") Positive L-pin adjusters Engraved graduations on crank arms
  • Interactive performance monitor displays: time; speed; distance; revolutions per minute; calories per hour; watts; level; heart rate receiver built in
  • Seat adjusts horizontally to suit user 4 positions available Seat removes from standing use and wheelchair access Large non-slip platform stablises machine during use
  • Contoured 'soft-touch' seat with lumbar support
  • Foot rest for added stability
  • Heart Rate receiver built-in
  • Compact footprint-125x99cm

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