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Complete Your Workout with a Rowing Machine

If you’re looking for a way to get even more out of your workouts, lose weight and become fitter and stronger, then there is a simple cardio exercise that you should add to your regime – a rowing machine! Despite their lack of popularity, the humble rower is the ideal machine for a full body cardio workout, offering a variety of aerobic benefits and targeting all major muscle groups. In this guide we go through the advantages of rowing equipment, as well as different exercises that you can incorporate into your routines.

rowing machine


  • Effective Cardio Workout
    No matter what you’re trying to achieve, it’s important that you include a cardio element in your workout plan – and the rower could be the tool for the job! Perfect for raising your heartbeat, the machine has a range of resistance levels perfect for every user.
  • Perfect for Weight Loss
    One of the biggest benefits ofis their impressive ability to torch calories – on average, an hour on the rower can burn around 600 calories! Combined with a healthy diet, this is one of the most effective additions to your weight loss journey.
  • Target the Whole Body
    Many people consider rowing as an upper body exercise, but this isn’t necessarily true. It certainly does offer an excellent workout to target the shoulders and back, as well as bicep, pecs and abs for a strengthened core; but it also works the quads, calves and glutes!
  • Increased Overall Fitness
    It should come as no surprise that regular rowing sessions will increase your overall endurance. By working the whole body and improving your heart health (not to mention lessening the amount of weight on the joints), a will make every day activities far easier.


  • Speed
    Perfect for a quick cardio workout, speed intervals are the ideal choice. Implement a stroke rate between 28 and 32 strokes per minute, and row at that speed for between 100 and 200 meters and rest for 30 seconds. Repeat 20 times for an all over burn.
  • Endurance
    Up the resistance level for an endurance-based workout that will really work your entire body. The stroke rate should be between 25 and 28, and work your way up from one minute of rowing to five minutes of rowing, with 45 seconds rest in between (ie. Row for one minute, rest 45 seconds, row for two minutes, rest 45 seconds etc.).

As you can see, a rowing machine is the ideal addition to any exercise regime, whether you’re using it as a finisher for your upper body session or you’re adding it to your cardio session, they offer almost unparalleled results – despite their lack of popularity. With a huge range of features and benefits, they are an excellent choice for those starting out or seasoned professionals, young and old, all fitness levels. Next time you visit your local gym, or you update the gym equipment in your home studio, these are a must!