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How Should Gym Fitness Equipment Be Arranged?

When you’re designing any fitness facility, it is important to note that the placement of the equipment is essential for a number of reasons (notably for customer ease, aesthetics and safety). As the facility may include a range of gym fitness equipment (such as cardio machines, circuit machines, free weights and plate-loaded machines), it is essential that you consider placement carefully.

  • Circuit Machines
    They should have their own area, away from the free weights or plate-loaded machines, and should be placed a minimum of 24 and 36 inches apart. Arrange them so that those working opposing muscle groups are next to each other, such as a back machine followed by a chest one, so that patrons can move seamlessly through a full body workout.
  • Free Weights & Benche
    Any benches with attached barbells should be placed so that there is at least 36 inches between them (measure from the ends of the barbells, not the bench itself). The same distance should be left around all weight racks and trees. Traditionally, long dumbbell racks are placed in front of mirrors so that patrons can keep an eye on their form.
  • Lifting Platforms
    You should set aside a special area for lighting platforms, squat racks and Smith machines. Even though only one person should be lifting at a time, there should be enough room around the platforms for around three to four people. A walkway that is around three to four feet wide should also be left around each platform to avoid contact.
  • Cardio Machines
    Any cardio equipment should be grouped together and should be obviously separate to the weight section. Each type of equipment (such as exercise bikes and ellipticals) should also be grouped together. Bikes and stair climbers require a 24 square foot area whereas treadmills require a 45 square foot area, so ensure that you keep this in mind.

Tall equipment (such as assisted pull-up and lat pull-down machines) should be placed near the perimeter of the gym and bolted to the floor for safety. It is also recommended that mirrors are attached a minimum 20 inches above the floor, as this will help to prevent damage from runaway plates and other accessories. A drinking fountain should be available near entrances and exits.

It is important to remember that most of the information in this article should be treated as a guide – you are free to arrange your gum fitness equipment however you want, providing that you have adhered to minimum space requirements. If you require any assistance in arranging your equipment according to your gym and the needs of your patrons, don’t hesitate to ask.