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How To Properly Sanitise Gym And Fitness Equipment

Whether you have your own home fitness equipment or you make use of your local gym equipment, it is important that you sanitise it properly after use. This will help to remove any traces of disease or illness that could be picked up by the next person to come by and, letís be honest, who wants to put their hands into someone else's sweat? Hereís how you can sanitise it properly:

Step 1: Obtain some industrial strength cleaning solution onto workout benches, cardio machine and other pieces of fitness equipment. The solution contains quaternary ammonium chloride, which is odorless, doesn't stain, non-corrosive to metal and relatively non-toxic when diluted.

Step 2: Use this spray before and after you touch the machine. Spray it directly onto the surface that you wish to disinfect, then wipe it down using paper towel, a wipe or a spare cloth.

Step 3: As you wander between the machines, be sure to regularly apply a waterless hand sanitiser to your hands. This will provide a bit of extra protection against any germs or bugs that are floating around.

Step 4: When you leave the gym, whether it's to go home or to the bathroom, make sure you wash your hands properly using warm soapy water. This will help to kill any bacteria you may have picked up.

Step 5: Make sure you wash your clothes when you get home or finish working out. Don't throw them onto the floor or back into your cupboard unless they have been cleaned first to avoid cross contamination.

Step 6: Lay a towel onto the gym equipment you are using, as this is another precaution that you can take against germs. It will act as a barrier between your skin and clothes, preventing them from coming into direct contact with the machine and any nasties it may hold.

Whilst it is much easier to keep your own private fitness equipment clean and sanitised, this does not mean that you should become lax on the responsibility of wiping it down regularly. Anyone that cares about cleanliness will wipe down gym equipment in the morning, early afternoon, later afternoon and evening. They will also have a professional cleaning crew come in.