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Many weight lifting exercises require the use of Olympic bars, which all have a 50mm shaft size. They are available in a variety of shapes depending on the exercise being performed, including: straight, curl and diamond trap. These bars are preferable to standard ones, as they are much longer, thicker, heavier and far more durable (making them ideal for commercial use).

Xtreme Fitness understands that many of the weight lifting exercises you will perform involve bars of some kind, which is why we stock durable Olympic bars in a range of shapes and lengths.

  • Straight bars are available in three sizes - 7ft, 6ft and 5ft - ensuring you're using the correct size for the exercise.
  • Curl bars are available in a standard and super variety, allowing you to hold your hands in a comfortable angled position to maximize isolation.
  • Diamond trap bars are designed to allow to safely isolate the your trap muscle with correct form.

Even after you've made a purchase, our service doesn't stop there - we offer a long and hassle-free warranty on all of our products, as well as spare parts should it decide to breakdown or become otherwise damaged.


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