Choosing the right weight accessories can not only make a workout much more convenient (for all of your gym’s patrons), it can also significantly reduce the risk for certain injuries. In particular, it is important that you have the right accessories for your cable machines, including: revolving curl bars, straight bars, parallel bars and tricep V bars.

At Xtreme Fitness, we offer a range of weights accessories that can be used in conjunction with our cable machines to provide you with a targeted workout that prevents you from injuring yourself in the process.

  • We offer a range of cable attachments such as, pro grip tricep v bars, close grip row bars, lat bars and straight bars, single handles and many more.
  • All of the bars are made out of high quality chrome and fitted with polyurethane grips, which are both highly durable and odorless. They are chip and flake resistant.

Whilst every commercial gym should not be without any of the bars covered above, we can help home gym owners choose the weights accessories that they will find most beneficial for their workout regimes.


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