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Bodyflex Gym

Client: Bodyflex Gym Location: Melbourne
the brief

A new venture for first time gym owners at Bodyflex Gym, the owners required a lot of advice and guidance with the setting out of the gym and all amenities.

We advised on everything from flooring, cardio and strength equipment, right down to the water fountain.

This is a 24/7 gym and their target market was to the serious fitness enthusiast.

As a first time start up business funding was tight, however we were able to supply the very best equipment and stay well within their budget.

These guys had a dream and we made it happen for them.

Once the gym opened memberships came flooding in word of mouth about the facility and its equipment got out and before long they started talking about their second Gym.

what we did

Again from the outset the initial planning and costing process through to the full fit out implementation and training, ongoing service, maintenance and advice.

Xtreme Fitness Australia project managed the whole operation.

This was not a simple process, these owners had a vision of what they wanted but found it hard to put it altogether. Xtreme Fitness was able to provide piece of mind to them through our many years of experience and expertise, dealing with similar scenarios.

We were able to invite Tony and Paul to our showroom, situated centrally to Melbourne CBD and show them the equipment. We also took them through past projects to ensure them they were dealing with a professional company.

We were also able to offer them the opportunity to walk through a couple of similar gyms and talk with the owners to re-assure them.

After they had given Xtreme Fitness the green light we approach this fit out with meticulous detail, we made sure all possible scenarios were covered and put the wheels in motion.

We were like an artist with an empty canvass, we planned this gym and by the end we were presented with a masterpiece. This became a showpiece for our expertise and our range of products. This business is still strong and the equipment is still in great condition after 5 years of coping a hammering.

Bodyflex Gym FAQ'S

For any questions, help and support you need about the Fitout solutions, you can find the answers here

How long did it take

From the initial Consultation to full completion took about 10 weeks. For a project of this size the majority of the products were imported directly this generally takes approximately 8-10 weeks.

When the stock arrived for this project, it was shipped out immediately this project from start to finish was installed in less than 3 days.

Do we need to hire tradesman?

At Xtreme Fitness Australia we have our own fully qualified service technicians, to coordinate the installs. With this particular project the owners were under pressure to get the business operational,

Taking this in to account we hired and additional 6 installers to help our guy’s get the job completed in 3 days in what should have taken a whole week in normal circumstances.

Do you provide a floor layout?

Yes were possible we do a site evaluation and measure up as well as work of architectural designs and plans.

We have our in house software to allow accurate and innovative floor layouts and designs, to present to our customers.

Do you Provide maintenance?

Absolutely, at Xtreme we pride ourselves on offering the best and most affordable preventative maintenance and ongoing service programs in the industry.

Do you offer finance?

If required we have a number of finance options available.