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Lifestyle Retirement

Client: Alpha Location: Victoria
the brief

Retirement Living is one of the fastest growing sectors in our society. Lifestyle Communities came on board with Xtreme Fitness some 5 years ago and the relationship grows stronger and stronger.

Retirement living is just that, living we acknowledged the need to have great equipment in these venues as well as being aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

Just because the people using this equipment are older and the workouts not quite as intense doesn’t mean we compromise on the equipment. Many retirement estates have a token gym and the attitude is to “just put something in”. This shows in some of the equipment used in these other venues.

Not in the Lifestyle Communities estates. They insist on state of the art equipment that more than meets the brief.

Functionality was important as well as the ability to provide ongoing service and training on the use of the equipment.

It is a delight to go along and work with the residents and teach them how to use the equipment, they are always enthusiastic and willing to give it a go!

what we did

Lifestyle Communities are a very professionally run company, with the piece and wellbeing of their residents a number one priority.

Because this company is so well organised we are able to have the equipment ready and waiting for them for each new venue. Always meticulously planned we are able to go in and fit out their gyms with little or no disruption to the residence.

We then go in two weeks post installation and test and service the equipment to make sure it is 100%. We then conduct a training session for any of the residents and generally the management team so that everyone is up to speed with basic use and maintenance.

This is usually followed up with a cuppa and a couple of scones!

Lifestyle Retirement FAQ'S

For any questions, help and support you need about the Fitout solutions, you can find the answers here

Do you offer finance?

If required we have a number of finance options available.

How long did it take

We always have the equipment in stock and ready to go, and the fit out takes less than one day.

Do we need to hire tradesman?

At Xtreme Fitness Australia we have our own fully qualified service technicians, to coordinate the installs. It takes two of our guys half a day to complete a fit out generally.

Do you provide a Floor Layout?
Yes using our software every venue is well planned and a floor plan is drawn up on every occasion.
Do you Provide maintenance?
Absolutely, at Xtreme we pride ourselves on offering the best and most affordable preventative maintenance and ongoing service programs in the industry.