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How To Properly Sanitise Gym And Fitness Equipment

Whether you have your own home fitness equipment or you make use of your local gym equipment, it is important that you sanitise it properly ...
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How to clean and maintain exercise equipment

There can be no denying that exercise equipment, especially that used in a commercial gym, can take a lot of abuse. Sweat, dust and general wear ...
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A buyers guide to commercial exercise bikes

types of bike There are, generally, three types of exercise bike that you will find in a gym: – Upright, which imitates the position of a normal ...
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What To Look For When Buying A Commercial Treadmill

A staple of any gym that offers cardiovascular equipment, commercial treadmills are a useful piece of equipment that allows patrons to walk or run indoors. ...
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10 Tips For Successful Strength Equipment Use

Have you become bored with your strength training routine? Are you no longer receiving the results you did when you first started? It can be ...
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How Should I Use Multi Station Gym Equipment In My Workout?

Many people are drawn to multi station gym equipment because it is, essentially, several different weight machines that have been joined together. This allows you ...
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