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preventative maintenance

Looking to get prolonged use out of your Fitness Equipment Investment?

Preventative maintenance is the way to go. For a relatively low monthly cost you can have your equipment running at its optimum, keeping your service costs down and extending the life of your equipment.

We make sure your equipment is running at its best, clean, presented well and is safe for your customers.

Our professional and experienced service technicians will check every piece of equipment from top to bottom tighten all the nuts and bolts, check cables and pulleys, re-aligned, re-tension and lubricate treadmill running mats, clean dust particles from sensitive electronics etc, the list goes on.

Many of the problems associated with equipment failure could have be avoided by following some simple maintenance procedures. Similar to checking the oil in your car!! Its a simple fix but if neglected it can cost you a small fortune in spare parts replacement and labour!

Having a treadmill running belt running off line can cause damage that could cost $100's of dollars to replace, however with simple maintenance you could keep replacement costs at bay.

We will provide you with an onsite service report indicating the work that has been completed and then an in-depth post service report outlining potential problems that need to be addressed.

If you would like an assessment of your equipment let us know your details and we can have one of our commercial representatives call for an appointment.

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