Whether you’re interested in toning using your own body weight, improving the safety of your workouts or in enhancing your use of other equipment, personal training equipment is the ideal solution. It can help you to workout various muscle groups, from your abdominals to your back.

So, what are the benefits of using fitness training equipment in Melbourne as a part of your workout routine?

Improved Hormonal Profile – Exercise causes our bodies to release endorphins, which provide a natural high and improve our mood. The use of personal training equipment in Melbourne can also improve our confidence, emotional health, problem solving abilities and self-esteem.

Improved Joint & Bone Health – Another key reason to look at personal training equipment for sale is that it can be used to increase muscle mass which, in turn, helps to protect our joints and bones. Having stronger muscles will mean that we rely less on our joints.

Enhanced Workouts – There is a variety of commercial and home training equipment and accessories available that can enhance your workout. Whether your goal is weight loss, increased muscle tone or even a safer workout, we have the training machines to help.


So, what are the benefits of regularly including personal training equipment in your workout regime?


Supported Workouts

Exercise equipment isn’t just ideal for pushing yourself to reach new personal bests – the right machines and equipment offer support, allowing you to perform the exercises using proper form and technique. You’ll feel the benefits whilst reducing the chance of injury.


Enhanced Body Weight

Fitness Equipment can be used for a range of exercises, including body weight workouts – allowing you to use your body in different ways. Consider skipping, jumping or an added weight vest to push yourself further without the need for potentially damaging heavy weights. 


Added Comfort

With the addition of training equipment such as yoga mats and padded flooring, a wide range of exercises can be made safer and more enjoyable. This means you’re able to work out for longer, and the space can be protected from dropped weights and heavy machinery. 

There is a variety of training equipment available, which enables you to workout using your own body weight as the resistance or is designed to enhance your use of other products. This sort of equipment is a must-have for any gym, as it provides a risk-free workout – it is ideal for those who are worried about injury when lifting a heavy bar.

  • Bodyweight
    We offer a variety of equipment that requires you to use your own body weight, including: ab boards, dip stations and roman chairs.
  • Outdoor
    We offer a variety of equipment that can be used outdoors, allowing your clients to make the most of favourable weather.
  • Rehab
    As physical exercise is an important part of rehabilitation, we stock a range of products that can be used to help the process along.
  • Flooring
    It is essential that your gym has been fitted with appropriate flooring for the prevention of accidents and damage to equipment.
  • Accessories
    We offer a variety of accessories that are designed to enhance your workout, including: weighted belts, manta rays and push up bars.

At Xtreme Fitness, your clients’ satisfaction is our number one priority. This is why all of the fitness training equipment in our range has been carefully selected to ensure that you receive only the very best. Please browse our extensive range and contact us if you have any concerns.

Area We Service

We’re proud to offer leading brands and the highest quality training equipment for fitness centre fit-outs across Australia. With nationwide distribution, we’re able to service gyms around the country, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, and the Gold Coast.


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